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Michelle and Brooklyn producing natural products for B'larutan.
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Michelle and Brooklyn producing natural products for B'larutan.

B. L’arutan started when its founder, Brooklyn Fields, learned that her mother Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon receiving the diagnosis, Michelle sought to find natural healing products that were free of sulfates and artificial dyes and perfumes. After some initial searching, Brooklyn decided to create her own product lines with her mom in mind.

Through many (many, many) trials, she made one that Michelle and her family loved and started sharing it with relatives and friends. Others soon wanted them as well and Brooklyn discovered she was on to something!

When it came to naming the product line, Brooklyn wanted to pay homage to natural health and wellness; she discovered after a bit of fun wordplay that the word ‘natural’ spelled backwards spells ‘Larutan’. Brooklyn also wanted to pay homage to the bees who contributed to one of the natural ingredients in the products: the bees wax. She included the initial ‘B’ as a special shout-out to her buzzy collaborators.

B. L’arutan offers organic body nourishing products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. As fighting the battle against breast cancer holds such importance to Brooklyn and her mom, they have decided to donate 1 lotion bar for every bar sold to the cancer ward at their local hospital where Michelle went for treatment. Lotion bars will not cure cancer patients, but they can help to naturally heal, restore and relieve as they go through treatment!